150th Celebration 1867-2017

In 1867 , a group of God  fearing true believers assembled themselves together and unitede  near this present site to work for the glory of God  and the building of His Kingdom.
Two of the ministers who organized this movement were Minister Newman , who was not  a ordained minster, and Sam Newman, the frist pastor  to render a revial and baptism at this site. The  church  was giving  the name Mount Zion  Baptist Church .
The Lord sent quite a few ministers to  Mount Zion  during this time.  These included Square Sims, Ed Jefferson, Rush Rose . In 1926 Kelly  was called to pastor. He was not paid  a salary, but received 2/3 of what  the church received. Each member was asked to pay .35 per month.
During this period  of Historical Awareness,  The  Mount Zion Baptist Church  is grateful to God  for the  loving  favors and sustaing grace that  have kept this  congregation  alive and witnessing  during these years. We seek His continuous  guidance as  we pause to  give respect and bestow  honor upon  the pioneers of  this geat Zion.